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Think Like an Artist: Enhancing Your Belly Dance Journey

Taking dance classes for fun is well, fun! Every student that has ever come through the doors of my studio began their dance journey for some aspect of fun, healing, and a new workout. But mostly fun. Should you begin performing, though, the journey takes on another [...]

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The Journey of Producing Shows for Students

I produce casual showcases at Ancient Art Studios where students who wish to can perform what they are working on. Not everyone who belly dances likes to perform but for those who do I take the responsibility very seriously. I promise each student that I won't let [...]

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Shwarma for Breakfast, Kanina’s birthday, Luxor by Land

After excavating my partying self from the Au Revoir Event, kissing dance colleagues and friends I'd made, and heading to my room to pack, I enjoyed one skinny hour of sleep. This is not whining- sleep lost over such amazing adventures is a luxury. Sleep also seems to [...]

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Trials, Tests, and Triumphs

With all good things, comes responsibility and sometimes trials of fire. Did Harry Potter have a bunch of tests to pass in order to become worthy of his magic? I think he had nothing on me and many who came to Egypt. Here are three three tests I [...]

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