Mizmar! (on day #2)

Day #2 ( Please see Facebook to see the pics that go with this post. I can't get them to post on here. They go to a gallery that I don't know how you can get to. grrr.) Apparently, every single day here something [...]

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A Mizmar!

Day #2 Apparently, every single day here something surprising and awesome happens. As with last night’s surprising live music encounter, day #2 kept it's surprise until dinnertime.  Unaware of the good fortune about to befall us, Kanina and I sat to eat at the [...]

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The Flying Souk

Funny. At first, on the plane, I felt we were in a souk or something. Arabic speaking all over the place. People yelling at each other across the plane. It’s really odd and cool feeling to experience souk volume and this much Middle Eastern [...]

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