Week #1 Thurs, July 25th: 6:30-9 Drum Circle Composition

A frame drum and finger cymbal creation will emerge by the end of the evening!

We have frame drums but bring instruments that you have *including finger cymbals.

Please come familiar with Chiftitelli, Saidi, and Ayub rhythms, if possible

To celebrate enjoy refreshments and a round of “Name that Rhythm” with prizes, and surprises.

Bring snacks and/or drinks to share.

Week #2 Thurs, August 1st: 6:30-9 Egyptian Belly Dance Bingo!

Meet Egypt’s icons in video and explore signature moves and phrases correlating with letters B-I-N-G and 0.

Belly Dance Bingo with prizes and refreshments to follow our dance exploration.

Bring snacks and/or drinks to share.

Week #3 Thurs, August 8th: 6:30-9  S’More Vintage 

Classic belly dance moves and costuming tricks that make AmCab Magic.

After sweating it AmCab Glam Style we will enjoy refreshments and costume hacks from the days of total DIY:

Think headbands, sequin appliqués, sequin flatwork, necklaces behind your back, tuckies, bead fringe.

Bring snacks and/or drinks to share.