Project Description

A special course with Aurel featuring a live music experience played by The Ed Melikian Ensemble (Sat, Dec 10th, 7pm).

Live Streaming or In-Person. Limited Space, No Drop-Ins. 11 Week Course.
Seasoned AND newer dancers.
If you are a seasoned dancer who
– seeks to develop more confidence in the New-England-specific band environment
– craves clear tools, drills, and techniques that nurture improvisational dance skills AND engagement with your band and audience
– welcomes encouraging personalized coaching moments from a dancer passionate about this genre
If the above statements ring true, this is the perfect intensive for you.
Expect support, alot of sweat, and to come away with a treasure trove of unique tips from a dancer who has thrived in this region. Aurel cares deeply about the area, the dancers, and the need for creating a fulfilling dance life. Welcome, seasoned dancers.
If you are new to live music improvisation as a belly dancer welcome to an exciting new level full of discovery.  This is the perfect way to begin your journey. You will be outside of your comfort zone but you will be fully celebrated. From your living room to wherever it may take you, this intensive is a super educational and uplifting next step for the belly dancer inside of you.
Each week will include demonstration of ideas, group repetition and drill-time to assimilate, then time to explore dancing for each other in small groups. Uplifting coaching by Aurel will occur during class nurturing skills. Solo demonstration may be called upon by some students in upper levels. Students are expected to cheer for each other and give positive feedback to all levels before and after class.
The techniques taught in this course have worked for those who have thrived or are thriving in the live-band setting in New England *which is a very specific style of music and set of traditions. Some concepts work very quickly and may give you an instant sense of confidence and ease when you step out to dance. Other concepts will provide years of “aha” moments as you grow, change, and explore music and dance in different settings.
DEC 10th SHOW:
At the end of our course, a live band evening will give you what all dancers need, both new and seasoned, more experience. A five piece band, one of our region’s most iconic, the Ed Melikian Ensemble will play for us as you dance for your friends and family and a supportive community cheering you on no matter your level (Sat, Dec 10th, 7pm).
With a little effort spent in the right directions of improv skills, musical familiarity, and stage presence development you can find your amazing self doing even more amazing things than you ever imagined. This is the pathway of those who went before you. You can do it, too! In our region it’s very possible to be a confident, engaging, fluent belly dancer proficient in the music from the 5-part show (Turkish/Armenian body of music). Whether just one song or a professional show, no matter what age or at what point you begin, your journey is yours to enjoy!