10 Week Course

  • Belly Dance Strong

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  • Belly Dance Strong
  • Belly Dance Craft
  • Belly Dance Radiance

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  • Belly Dance Strong
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Tune the body for a full night of dance or use this class to enliven a deeper, more connected use of body and mind throughout dance and life.  Belly dance strong builds an empowered being and enhances freedom of expression.
Pre ClassCome early. Lights will be low, voices soft, and soothing music playing. Stretch out on our mats and breathe deeply. Feel free to roll your muscles out with our foam rollers, massage your muscles with our tennis balls, release the day, hug a friend, and honor yourself. 
Tighten: As class begins, follow Aurel as you nurture the body with balance barre, challenging micro-circuits, use of your own body weight as a strengthener, and more. 

After the mini workout/tune up, BDS classes identify a family of movements to meditate on, such as shimmies, undulations, circles, or another classic belly dance movement family.  Aurel explores the many expressions of the chosen movements and their internal meaning and personal expression potential. Follow along, no matter your level or style, and use your body to mine the magic inside the moves.