Intermediate Bundle

Three Classes

Monday – Improv Primer

Tuesday – Zills, Drills, and Combo Thrills

Tuesday -Classic Choreography

Intermediate Bundle

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Improv Primer

Vital to the respecting the art of belly dance is learning the tools, techniques, methods, and skills of improvisation. There really are learn-able skills that take the mystery out of improvisation and allow dancers to enjoy belly dance in it’s original format, improvisational. Studying these tools for 10 weeks (drop-ins welcome) will begin to build confidence and an arsenal of secrets which include understanding song structure, identifying favorite moves and combinations already in the dancer’s possession, skills of short and long dance phrasing, motif development methods, floor mapping, how to relax and express through repetition of movement and phrases, and drilling favorite movement associations per dance style, musical soundscape and instrument, era, and song and more. The Improv Primer material helps students’ unique essence, expression of the moment, and skill set to shine and, bonus, everything in this course will help with choreographies, too!
This class assumes intermediate level belly dance skills

Zills, Drills and Combo Thrills

2019 welcomes the return of the sweaty and passionate 10 week long drills class (Drop ins welcome). Intermediate level dancers looking to “own” their skills will play finger cymbals each week, delve deeper into accent moves, isolations, traveling steps, shimmy layers, props, and, of course, through micro-combinations, begin to build connections between movements, music, eras, icons, regions, folkloric and classical styles within this glorious art form. Cultural context will be rienforced via video clips, handouts, and field trips.

Classic Choreography

Technique classes partnered with repertoire classes aka choreography have been the steady diet of dance students for years. Learn a number and take away the many micro-lessons within it, such as, music interpretation, style recognition, physical coordination, memorization skills, performance skills, spacial awareness, eye for detail, and music repertoire.
An end of session open class party (3/19) shows our ensemble creation which may be used for future events.

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