Honed by dancers in the AmCab tradition, veil dancing while wearing (and playing!) finger cymbals was once the hallmark of an accomplished belly dance performer. This workshop will teach you the vintage tricks and techniques of this beautiful and versatile tradition!

Part I – Veil Entrance Choreography with Finger Cymbals

First, we will get comfortable with playing finger cymbals while holding a veil by drilling different patterns and combinations. Then, we will learn a fun and energetic entrance piece which could be used at the beginning of an Arabic show.

Part II – Expressive Veil Dance While Holding Finger Cymbals

We will explore different ways to hold the veil while wearing finger cymbals, and how to keep cymbals quiet while manipulating the veil. We will then practice getting out of different types of veil wraps while wearing cymbals. These combinations could be used in the second part of the traditional five-part AmCab show.

Nasira is a belly dance performer and instructor from Mansfield, CT. She is known for her vintage style and finger cymbal playing. She has performed for benefits, restaurants, and festivals around New England for almost 15 years, and she is a former member of Troupe Little Egypt and Beledi Dance Company.