Ready to move beyond the basics? 10 weeks of ringing your zills and layering your drills will shake up your weekly movement. In addition, we’ll leave time for a weekly group choreography turning this course into the best night of the week. A friendly open-last-class invites you to share the group-choreo as a “work in progress”. Gleefully toasting your accomplishments is a part of the last class, of course.
Who comes?  Dancers with familiarity of the basics, join us! Seasoned intermediates and advanced-level dancers will also find this course a welcoming technique-sharpener.
What do we enjoy? Finger cymbals traditionally accompany the dancer into the space, thus each class will begin with our signature prop, the zills, aka zagat/sagat.   After a danced play-along and stretch we enjoy combos which drill the layering of two moves at once. Individuality options for dancers abound once the layering is unleashed!After the zills and layering combos, the fun is focused into a group-choreo. Adding a new sinewy or sharp phrase each week until a full dance emerges, the choreo will pull from class-chosen interests; such as, veil dancing, drum solo, Turkish 9/8, Raqs Sharqi, Beledi, Egyptian Stick dancing (saidi), etc.
Where do we go from here?  Our last class welcomes friend sand family to partake in the zills portion of class. Next observing our session’s choreography danced as a group work-in-progress is met with a toast celebrating the dance session.
At the end of the year, *optional* students will be tapped to join in one or more of the choreographies explored throughout the year. That number will be polished up and danced in our glittery studio showcase and celebration.

TUESDAYS 7:05PM – 8:15PM