Covid Protocols2021-09-04T06:20:11-04:00

Covid Protocols

Hybrid Classes2021-09-04T06:26:14-04:00
As of September 20, 2021, Ancient Art Studios’ hybrid classes will feature two options for dance students of all ages, sizes, and shapes.
  1. In-person classes, with COVID-19 guidelines listed below, welcome those who wish to experience dancing, growing, and the studio setting alongside other students and teachers abiding by the listed guidelines.
*To register for in-person classes you MUST complete both the purchase of class passes and the reservation step. You may purchase and reserve as many classes as you like as far ahead as you would like. This system both limits class size to 12, allows un-used slots to be available to others and, most importantly, this system keeps our studio numbers safe and records of attendance easily traceable.
  1. Live-stream classes, using our state-of-the-art zoom studio, welcome students from their own home spaces via a digital connection to those in the studio. Enthusiastic teachers with an eye for detail can use our huge wall-screen projector to view at-home students and provide aid or positive witness. Before, during, and after classes, our in-person students can also connect to live-streamers with waves, shared dances, and sharing questions and observations about the material. New camera, lighting, projector, high speed technology, and backdrop make this a top-of-the-line zoom send and a great place to be.
Details are below for both options.
In-Person Class Size2021-09-04T06:21:51-04:00
All in-person classes are available with a maximum class size of 12 students in the studio. These limited slots are open to those who, both, purchase and register online (registration starting September 6th) and who are following the guidelines outlined below.
Self Screening2021-09-04T06:19:36-04:00
Before joining in-person weekly classes please assess yourself and the situations you are exposed to.
If you answer yes to any of the following questions, do not attend class in person. Change your reservation status from In-person to Live-Stream and join us on Zoom instead.
    • have you had a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever, or do you feel feverish?
    • do you have a loss of taste or smell?
    • have you been around anyone exhibiting the above symptoms within the past 14 days?
    • are you living with anyone sick or quarantined?
    • were you with anyone who was covid positive since your last class?
    • have you been in or around a large group where risks of infection were significantly increased between classes?
    • are you awaiting results of a covid test? (all tests must be no sooner than 72 hours after exposure)
Mask Guidelines2021-09-04T06:22:16-04:00
As of this publishing (Sept 2021) masking is required for anyone entering the studio regardless of vaccination status.
Nothing would make us happier than to give the masking issue back to each person in the studio to manage according to their own risks and those of their loved ones. But, for now, thank you for masking in accordance with the  CDC recommendation  for masking of both vaccinated and unvaccinated in areas with “substantial and high transmission” of COVID-19. Massachusetts is currently “high transmission”.
In-Person Attendance Etiquette2021-09-04T08:08:38-04:00
So that others may have access to your slot and join the class, please change your reservation from In-person to Live-Stream if you are not attending a class you formerly reserved. Thank you for also verbally letting us know if you have enough notice so we may announce the opening.
Respect distancing when in the studio.
Be sure to wave to at-home class members before and after class and enjoy moments of interaction during class.
Bring positive energy for yourself and others as we are all adjusting and doing the best we can.
Social Distancing2021-09-04T06:22:40-04:00
We have marked the studio floor for 6’ spacing between dancers as a guideline.
How to Dance with a Mask2021-09-04T08:09:17-04:00
Experts have said that for those with no underlying health concerns, exercising in masks is safe. The body actually adjusts to become more efficient at using the oxygen it has. (Athletes even sometimes wear masks while high-altitude training!)
You must take a few things into consideration, though, most importantly allowing the body time to acclimate to the reduced amount of oxygen available when in a mask.
Some masks may be more comfortable than others for dance. Explore your options as you explore building up time in a mask while moving. Even going for a brisk walk in a mask to get used to light exercise in a mask is a good idea.
Dancers may wish to have more than one mask with them for the duration of their dance class so that they may change their mask if it becomes moist. Please contain used masks in a ziplock bag and, if disposing, do so at home.
Please wash your masks between uses.
All masks must cover the entire nose and mouth.
Teachers at Ancient Art Studios will pace classes so that students have opportunities to take breaks.
Use of the outdoor spaces will also be utilized if precipitation, sun-index, zoom membership, and class material permit.  Outdoor space will allow for more personal choice regarding masking.
Additional helpful info may be found here:
Air Quality and Surfaces2021-09-05T11:39:49-04:00
During classes at the studio, two state-of-the-art air purifiers will clean and exchange the air in the studio and boutique every 20-30 minutes. We will also have the double doors screened and open to the outside, weather permitting, to increase circulation.
Students are encouraged to take outdoor breaks as they feel necessary. Outdoor spaces will be utilized for classes if there are no live-stream attendees, if class material is safe on outdoor surfaces, and if weather permits.
The dance floor, bathroom, and all surfaces will be sanitized before and after every class. Carpet will be vacuumed with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter  cleaner and bags.
Touch-less payment systems are installed for those who wish to use them.
Touch-less hand sanitizers have been installed for use upon entering the studio from outside, the bathroom, or at any time.
The door between the studio and the bathroom hallway will remain open at all times eliminating use of door knob on both sides.
Ballet barres and the studio refrigerator have been removed from the studio to cut down on shared surfaces. Bring your own water, please, and should you wish to use a mat or foam roller before or after class please bring your own, or, if using ours, make use of sanitizing wipes or spray which will be amply available in several spots in studio.
Live Stream Attendance Etiquette2021-09-03T14:24:53-04:00
Please sign on early and stay for a moment after classes taking advantage of gallery view connection to others. Both live stream and in-person class members are sharing the same intention for a fun, fit, fulfilling, and culturally rich lifestyle.
Please mute during class. We will stop class periodically for questions and feedback.
Please be well lit.
Remember that more of you in the frame helps the teacher to help and adore  you more.🙂 Your teacher can only see of you what you see of yourself.
Bring positive energy for yourself and others as we are all adjusting and doing the best we can.
Live Stream Options for Dancing at Home2021-09-03T14:25:42-04:00
In addition to in-person classes at the studio, live-streamed classes will also be offered using our state of the art camera, sound system, projection screen, and lighting.
This live-stream system welcomes at-home dancing for the following:
-All dance friends we’ve made in regions far from the studio; Please continue to join us for classes as you are a cherished be a part of our community!
-In-person enrollees who find themselves facing an unfortunate moment where they are quarantining or under the weather; Please change your reservation status then join our live-stream option to stay connected to your dance community until the situation passes.
-Dancers whose desired an in-person class but their desired course had reached the 12 person max; You are enthusiastically included in the curriculum and your dance journey nurtured through the miracle of technology. In-person openings may become become available weekly depending on signups but until then stay with us and keep the progress going at home.
We will also be re-assessing this system by the end of the year to make sure all those who wish for in-person slots have a chance via a new sign up period or introduction of other classes. As always, the safety of our community and the guidelines we are given by our state and local governance will always be a part of how we proceed.
Should stay-at-home mandates be instituted by the state we reserve to right to transition our in-person classes to live-stream platform.