The opposite of being “locked down” is dancing free and this is what we shall do at last.

Welcome to a new era, students of all levels, where we can finally take a breathe and Dance together. No fee. This is a free day in the studio in accordance with CDC guidelines who presently say we are welcome to gather again.
All levels welcome. Bring a full skirt, snacks, and drinks for break time.
Those who wish will be part of a casual video taping of our dances for a super fun memento and to show the world we did it!

  • We’ll celebrate each other for all we have come through.
  • We’ll each take a moment to honor our movement intentions going forward.
  • We’ll christen the space for future dancing together when we launch hybrid classes this fall (Fingers Crossed and safe numbers continue to present).
  • We’ll explore dance  with the missing element in our pandemic zoom classes – real people dancing with us in the room!

Format for a free, fun, AND productive dance day:
  • 8:45am- 9:15am. Optional Meet and Greet with old friends and new.
  • 9:15am-9:30am. Intention-reading honoring sacred dance spaces and connections.
  • 9:30am- 11am. Karshlima Skirt Dance! Feel the positivity.
  • 11am-11:10am. Break
  • 11:10am-12:10pm. “One minute drum solo”. Snappy to learn. (This is the one I’ve had terrible luck getting you this music but I’ll keep trying.)
  • 12:15pm-12:45pm. Video tape! We’ll run both dances, back-to-back, a few times possibly outside on yoga mats if weather permits. You won’t have to memorize the dances bc I’ll lead – we’ll just have fun being us in that moment!
  • 12:45pm-2:45pm Optional shopping – Everything on sale!
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