As of September 20, 2021, Ancient Art Studios’ hybrid classes will feature two options for dance students of all ages, sizes, and shapes.
  1. In-person classes, with COVID-19 guidelines listed below, welcome those who wish to experience dancing, growing, and the studio setting alongside other students and teachers abiding by the listed guidelines.
*To register for in-person classes you MUST complete both the purchase of class passes and the reservation step. You may purchase and reserve as many classes as you like as far ahead as you would like. This system both limits class size to 12, allows un-used slots to be available to others and, most importantly, this system keeps our studio numbers safe and records of attendance easily traceable.
  1. Live-stream classes, using our state-of-the-art zoom studio, welcome students from their own home spaces via a digital connection to those in the studio. Enthusiastic teachers with an eye for detail can use our huge wall-screen projector to view at-home students and provide aid or positive witness. Before, during, and after classes, our in-person students can also connect to live-streamers with waves, shared dances, and sharing questions and observations about the material. New camera, lighting, projector, high speed technology, and backdrop make this a top-of-the-line zoom send and a great place to be.
Details are below for both options.