Experts have said that for those with no underlying health concerns, exercising in masks is safe. The body actually adjusts to become more efficient at using the oxygen it has. (Athletes even sometimes wear masks while high-altitude training!)
You must take a few things into consideration, though, most importantly allowing the body time to acclimate to the reduced amount of oxygen available when in a mask.
Some masks may be more comfortable than others for dance. Explore your options as you explore building up time in a mask while moving. Even going for a brisk walk in a mask to get used to light exercise in a mask is a good idea.
Dancers may wish to have more than one mask with them for the duration of their dance class so that they may change their mask if it becomes moist. Please contain used masks in a ziplock bag and, if disposing, do so at home.
Please wash your masks between uses.
All masks must cover the entire nose and mouth.
Teachers at Ancient Art Studios will pace classes so that students have opportunities to take breaks.
Use of the outdoor spaces will also be utilized if precipitation, sun-index, zoom membership, and class material permit.  Outdoor space will allow for more personal choice regarding masking.
Additional helpful info may be found here: