During classes at the studio, two state-of-the-art air purifiers will clean and exchange the air in the studio and boutique every 20-30 minutes. We will also have the double doors screened and open to the outside, weather permitting, to increase circulation.
Students are encouraged to take outdoor breaks as they feel necessary. Outdoor spaces will be utilized for classes if there are no live-stream attendees, if class material is safe on outdoor surfaces, and if weather permits.
The dance floor, bathroom, and all surfaces will be sanitized before and after every class. Carpet will be vacuumed with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter  cleaner and bags.
Touch-less payment systems are installed for those who wish to use them.
Touch-less hand sanitizers have been installed for use upon entering the studio from outside, the bathroom, or at any time.
The door between the studio and the bathroom hallway will remain open at all times eliminating use of door knob on both sides.
Ballet barres and the studio refrigerator have been removed from the studio to cut down on shared surfaces. Bring your own water, please, and should you wish to use a mat or foam roller before or after class please bring your own, or, if using ours, make use of sanitizing wipes or spray which will be amply available in several spots in studio.