In addition to in-person classes at the studio, live-streamed classes will also be offered using our state of the art camera, sound system, projection screen, and lighting.
This live-stream system welcomes at-home dancing for the following:
-All dance friends we’ve made in regions far from the studio; Please continue to join us for classes as you are a cherished be a part of our community!
-In-person enrollees who find themselves facing an unfortunate moment where they are quarantining or under the weather; Please change your reservation status then join our live-stream option to stay connected to your dance community until the situation passes.
-Dancers whose desired an in-person class but their desired course had reached the 12 person max; You are enthusiastically included in the curriculum and your dance journey nurtured through the miracle of technology. In-person openings may become become available weekly depending on signups but until then stay with us and keep the progress going at home.
We will also be re-assessing this system by the end of the year to make sure all those who wish for in-person slots have a chance via a new sign up period or introduction of other classes. As always, the safety of our community and the guidelines we are given by our state and local governance will always be a part of how we proceed.
Should stay-at-home mandates be instituted by the state we reserve to right to transition our in-person classes to live-stream platform.