Do you cancel for bad weather?2023-08-21T12:14:18-04:00

When there is bad weather we follow the Taunton School district’s recommendations. If Taunton schools are closed, we are closed. If the storm takes place after school hours, we will make the decision on our own. In either case, we always try to makeup the missed class by adding one to the end of the session on the same night or, if that isn’t possible, offering a class on another night.

What should I wear to class?2023-08-21T12:15:05-04:00

Most people wear whatever they’re comfortable exercising in; yoga pants and a T-shirt, etc. We have hip scarves available to loan or to purchase. Tie one on your hips to help you get a feel for the moves… and it’s a lot of fun! A lot of people dance barefoot, or with a dance slipper or dance shoe, or a sock made for yoga that has little rubber grippers on them. Sneakers can work if they’re not too grippy. Socks are not advised because they are a little slippery.