Online Private and Semi-Private Study

Now you can study with Aurel no matter where you are in the world! Using skype or other platforms, you or your small group, can benefit from a nurturing and supportive teacher without leaving your own studio or home practice space. Train and grow from anywhere!

Topics of Study

Many areas of focus can benefit from individualized lessons or coaching. Such topics include: choreography or help learning to develop and employ ideas for choreography; development of a vision or concept for a piece or show; learning and refining new dance skills such as turns, shimmies, arm positions, traveling steps, etc; attaining performance-level nuances and stylizations; improvisation techniques; prop techniques; musicality; or coaching and polishing for a specific performance. Professionals and new dance students alike seek help and coaching. Finding a caring professional who has a heart for mentoring others can be invaluable.

Video Critiques

Send Aurel a video of your performance of up to 5 minutes and receive invaluable and feedback personalized and and focused on increasing your strengths and improving your challenge areas. A detailed email with minute and second markings for each helpful comment will be sent to you. A followup Skype session up to an hour long will clarify and answer any questions.

Coming soon: ONLINE TRAINING VIDEOS with Aurel

Purchase a topic and hit replay to drill your favorite moves over and over. Aurel’s fun and helpful hints will be with you whenever you like.

For real-time, in person, private and semi private lessons with Aurel see Private and Semi Private lessons.

For workshop studies facilitated by Aurel for your students or community group are available. Please see Workshops and Events to learn about Aurel’s workshop menu or to create something special for your group. Book an online private lesson or video critique today.