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From Aurel

Meeting Farida Fahmy in Egypt

If it appears I am smiling and crying at once... it's true (again). Here's why. Along with a small and dedicated group of dancers, some of whom were colleagues who came to Egypt with me from New England, I sat sharing an afternoon of tea complete with pretty finger-food, in an elegant, sun-filled apartment in Cairo. [...]

May 9th, 2019|Categories: Belly Dance, Classes, Egypt, Folkloiric Dance, Growth, instagram, travel|

And Raja Danced!

In all the years I’ve danced I never ever thought I’d be in the presence of a Ghawazi dancer. Let alone have a few historic events happen during the visit. Some background. I began investigating belly dance about 20 years ago. I was taking lessons, loving it, and I was struggling to find the [...]