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Ramses the Camel

We were told only that we were going on an outing. “Bring layers as it may get cold when that sun goes down”. It gets cold very fast here by the way. Turns out we were going to El Ezba Resort, a Classic Hollywood Themed event location. Antique [...]

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Dance Classes in Egypt

Randa Kamel is the real deal. Not only is she a performer of legendary proportions but she is a patient, competent, and generous teacher. I came to Egypt to take classes with her and others but hers are this week and they are really great. Here is how [...]

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Nile Cruise (pt) II

Nile Cruise part 2: Sara Farouk, played cruise emcee welcoming all of us and then announcing that a very special guest would be joining us. We had no idea who this could be. Sara went on to describe that this guest is the " woman who started it [...]

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Nile River, Randa, and More, Oh My!

Fifty belly dance students from Mexico, Scotland, Russia, Japan, Germany, Latin America, USA, and more were thrown an opening night party for attending Diva Randa Kamel's week long workshop. We first enjoyed a a cold drink in a champagne flute at the Barcelo Pyramid Hotel Ballroom where we'd [...]

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Mizmar! (on day #2)

Day #2 ( Please see Facebook to see the pics that go with this post. I can't get them to post on here. They go to a gallery that I don't know how you can get to. grrr.) Apparently, every single day here something surprising and awesome happens. [...]

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Day #3 Tut meets Tahrir. History old and new.

These pics are Kanina and me and, some sweet gals who wanted to be photographed with us and us with them. So, our cab driver who stayed with us in the museum took the pics for us. The gals are in university in Egypt. So... I [...]

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A Mizmar!

Day #2 Apparently, every single day here something surprising and awesome happens. As with last night’s surprising live music encounter, day #2 kept it's surprise until dinnertime.  Unaware of the good fortune about to befall us, Kanina and I sat to eat at the hotel only to hear [...]

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