Sparkling Oriental Dancer • Authentic Folkloric Stylist  • International-Repertoire Vocalist • Classically Trained Actress

Writer • Belly Dance Instructor • Performance Coach • Choreographer • Troupe Director •  Importer of Belly Dance Costumes and Dance Accessories • Show Producer

Somewhere over the Senses

When was the last time you were stuck in traffic when next to you pulls up a guy in jeans on a motor cycle with a woman, fully covered in black fabric, nothing but eyes peeking out, on the back - oh, also, exhaust pipe puffing out black smoke [...]

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I am in EGYPT (I’ve never said that before)

We made it to Cairo! Clear skies as we flew in over the Nile river. I was way too amazed by the sandy sites to take a pic. Of course when I looked away to fill out the paperwork needed  Kanina saw the pyramids from the [...]

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The Flying Souk

Funny. At first, on the plane, I felt we were in a souk or something. Arabic speaking all over the place. People yelling at each other across the plane. It’s really odd and cool feeling to experience souk volume and this much Middle Eastern population on a plane. [...]

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Shots. Some get em. Some don't. Typhoid and hep a won the prize. Antibiotic for stomach, too. Skipped the rest due to budget. Hope I don't get tetanus.

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