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10 Week Course

  • Belly Dance Craft

5 Pack Drop Ins

  • Belly Dance Craft

1 Class Drop In

  • Belly Dance Craft
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2 Craft Bundle - Save 20%

  • Belly Dance Craft
  • Belly Dance Craft Express

Craft/Radiance Bundle - Save 20%

  • Belly Dance Craft
  • Belly Dance Radiance
The class material builds upon already strong awareness of traveling steps, isolations, accents, and props covered in Belly Dance Essentials. Dancers new to our studio are invited to take BDEssentials for as long as they are finding it enjoyable before adding BDCraft to their course load.
Signing up for this class will require students have the ability to collect a code each week which will be posted in the private FB page. Use or the zoom app to connect. Computer viewers see more of their classmates than phone viewers.
*If dropping in, please register 30 minutes before class so that we may get the zoom code to you in time.
Thank you for placing value on the time, effort, and expenses of both this studio’s operations, and those who work so hard to learn this art and to pass it on to you. We miss seeing the regulars and welcoming new bodies into the studio but we are still fighting to share this dance and be a source of positive connection for all. Thank you for helping us keep our offerings available.
If you are in a time of financial crisis this is not a reason not to dance. We strive to post free content on our fb page. We also are willing to make arrangements for all to take classes even if they have lost their jobs. Please contact the studio by email and we’ll make arrangements to help out. Everyone who wants to needs to be dancing and connecting with others at this difficult time.  [email protected]
Join us for a weekly live-streamed technique class via Zoom. Drop ins are welcome (please sign up 30 min prior to class so have time to give you an entrance code) The 5 class and 10 class package also invites members to a private Facebook page featuring supplemental information and videos posted weekly, class mate-connections, and news of Craft related pop-up classes, workshops, and points of interest.
There is also an express version of this class streaming live on Thursdays at 3pm. Those who want a double dose of technique will enjoy a discounted bundle option.
  • If you aspire to delve deeper, to dance safely for a lifetime, or simply to learn more about the culture which created this dance, this class is for you.
  • If you secretly wish to perform or already perform the choreographies of others or wish to craft and create your own pieces in groups or solos, this class is for you.
  • Or, do you need a source to learn the secrets which make improvisation seem so masterful, effortless, and fun?
  • If you relate to any of the above, Belly Dance Craft’s 1 hour and 20 minute weekly skill-building class with Aurel will be incredibly useful for you.
Expect to hone your technique fromactive posture to use of classic props as part of this course. These technique studies intersect with all styles of belly dance yielding stability, freedom, and fulfillment.
Also expect to hone the most integral element of our craft: knowledge and respect for cultural context. New information is being brought forward all the time as more leaders in dance ethnology and more connection between cultures is explored. For informed enjoyment of props, music, costuming, and artistically expressive dance choices, we lovers of belly dance never stop learning about the cultural roots and origins of this dance form.
With dedication to these two areas of the craft, we have ample information for years of growing in both the body and the mind.
Intermediate through professionals will enjoy the following elements of the BDCraft class with Aurel:
  • Video clips, photos, and supplemental materials shared in the private Facebook page and during classes: Moving toward a more culturally informed enjoyment of this music and dance.
  • Weekly Prop Therapy: Moving toward effortless use of finger cymbals, assaya (stick or cane), Balancing (sword, tray, jug, basket, stick), and other props including costume oriented props, such as veil, cape, thobe, skirt, scarves.
  • Empowering Dance Technique: Moving toward safe body mechanics, polished hip and upper body accents, smooth isolations, confident traveling steps and patterns, stable and controlled direction changes, sustained and skillful shimmy layers, fluent transitions between all of the above, and full body integration; including head, face, arms, and hands along with feet.
  • Fun and useful Micro-Choreographies and transformative Improv tools: Moving toward understanding of styles, icons, eras, improved musicality, confident construction of choreography, and culturally informed dance creations.
  • After-class tea time in our online space. Hang out and chat about dance and connect with the group.
  • Occasional Artist’s Craft Homework will be given in this class.