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  • Any Belly Dance Essentials Class
  • Can be used for BDE only

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  • Any Belly Dance Essentials Class
  • Can be used for BDE only

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  • Any Belly Dance Essentials Class
  • Can be used for BDE only

Single Class Drop In

  • Belly Dance Essentials
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Signing up for this class will require students have the ability to collect a code each week which will be posted in the private FB page. Use or the zoom app to connect. Computer viewers see more of their classmates than phone viewers.
*If dropping in, please register 30 minutes before class so that we may get the zoom code to you in time.
Thank you for placing value on the time, effort, and expenses of both this studio’s operations, and those who work so hard to learn this art and to pass it on to you. We miss seeing the regulars and welcoming new bodies into the studio but we are still fighting to share this dance and be a source of positive connection for all. Thank you for helping us keep our offerings available.
If you are in a time of financial crisis this is not a reason not to dance. We strive to post free content on our fb page. We also are willing to make arrangements for all to take classes even if they have lost their jobs. Please contact the studio by email and we’ll make arrangements to help out.
Everyone who wants to needs to be dancing and connecting with others at this difficult time.
NOW ONLINE! Join the party!
This weekly live-streamed belly dance class via Zoom is a blast for all levels from new to seasoned.
Drop ins are welcome (please sign up 30 min prior to class so have time to give you an entrance code).
The 5 class and 10 class package also invites members to a private Facebook page featuring supplemental information and videos posted weekly, class mate-connections, and news of dance related pop-up classes, workshops, and points of interest.
This class meets on both Wed evening and on Saturday AM. Those who want a double dose of party time will enjoy a discounted bundle option.
The Saturday AM class will feature an extra 15 minutes of choreography after class. No extra charge. Just stay online after class ends if you are interested in learning a whole belly dance choreography little by little each week! Both classes, Wed and Sat, will enjoy a private Facebook page where supplemental practice videos and uplifting cross talk and connection can happen between class members.
Belly Dance Essentials is for everyone:
  • Absolute beginners with no prior dance experience seeking fitness and fun
  • Upper level belly dancers hoping to nurture or re-invigorate their dance
  • All sizes, shapes, fitness levels, and orientations in search of fulfilling movement

Belly Dance Essentials gives everyone a chance to experience what makes belly dance the most fun, sweaty, fascinating, healing, and gorgeous dance form ever.

From the very first class expect to fall in love with entrancing movement that is easy-to-follow and accessible to everyone. Repetition and clever techniques deliver a cardio-infused, strength-building experience full of the vital core movements and treasured concepts cherished over time.

Some portions of Belly Dance Essentials classes are a sweat-inducing celebration. Other sections of this class are soothing, elongating, sultry, and stress-relieving. Drawing energy from the middle eastern drum rhythms and ancient instruments and songs of belly dance, your body and spirit will want to move, move, move.

Ancient Art Studios has remained dedicated to belly dance for over 15 years. Nothing like Ancient Art Studios and it’s classes exists in MA. Ancient Art Studios’ mission honors essential #1 as a part of every single class; every body and soul has a right to enjoy the music and to enjoy dance.

Come enjoy the party! Connect with friend in class or online. A powerful, stress-busting, uplifting, and fun way to enhance your physical and mental wellness and unleash your inner dancer are waiting for you in Belly Dance Essentials!