Project Description


Belly Dance Essentials is for everyone.
  • Absolute beginners with no prior dance experience seeking fitness and fun (Level I)
  • Upper level belly dancers hoping to nurture or re-invigorate their dance (Level II)
  • All sizes, shapes, fitness levels, and orientations in search of fulfilling movement (Our studio celebrates everyone in every class)

From the very first class expect to fall in love with a dance that is accessible to all. Inspired by treasured concepts, icons, and movements cherished over time, combinations are taught featuring techniques that deliver an invigorating, confidence-building experience.

Some portions of Belly Dance Essentials classes are a sweat-inducing celebration. Other sections of this class are stress-relieving, soothing, and personally rejuvenating. Drawing energy from drum rhythms, ancient instruments, and the classic songs of belly dance, your body and spirit will want to move, move, move.

Come enjoy the most gorgeous dance form ever! Connect with friends in class or online. A powerfully uplifting and fun way to enhance your physical and mental wellness and unleash your inner dancer are waiting for you in Belly Dance Essentials!


Single class drop ins are welcome (please sign up 30 min prior to class so we have time to give you the zoom link).
The 5 class and 10 class passes allow members to take any class at any time.
Level I meets on Saturdays at 10:30am-11:30am. Level II meets Wed evening at 6pm-7pm and on Saturday 9:15am-10:15am.


5 and 10 class pass holders will enjoy a private Facebook page where supplemental information, uplifting cross talk, and connection can happen between class members.