Project Description

10 Week Course

  • Belly Dance Radiance

1 Class Drop In

  • Belly Dance Radiance
  • Drop In

2 Class Bundle

  • Belly Dance Radiance
  • Belly Dance Craft
*Intermediate through pro-level dancers will benefit most from this class.  Belly Dance Craft is suggested as a perfect add-on class for stabilizing technique and informing cultural context – both will be called upon in Belly Dance Radiance.
Signing up for this class will require students have the ability to collect a code each week which will be posted in the private FB page. Use or the Zoom app to connect. Computer viewers see more of their classmates than phone viewers.  
*If dropping in, please register 30 minutes before class so that we may get the zoom code to you in time.
Thank you for placing value on the time, effort, and expenses of both this studio’s operations, and those who work so hard to learn this art and to pass it on to you. We miss seeing the regulars and welcoming new bodies into the studio but we are still fighting to share this dance and be a source of positive connection for all. Thank you for helping us keep our offerings available.
If you are in a time of financial crisis this is not a reason not to dance. We strive to post free content on our fb page. We also are willing to make arrangements for all to take classes even if they have lost their jobs. Please contact the studio by email and we’ll make arrangements to help out. 
Everyone who wants to needs to be dancing and connecting with others at this difficult time. 
Join us for a weekly live-streamed class for those who want to develop their own radiance as performers. This class, via Zoom, does welcome drop ins (please sign up 30 min prior to class so have time to give you an entrance code). The 10 class package also invites members to a private Facebook page featuring supplemental information and videos posted weekly, class mate-connections, and news of Radiance related pop-up classes, workshops, and points of interest.
No performance, applause, or costumes are needed to discover the challenge, health benefits, and fulfillment belly dance offers – enough to last a lifetime, in fact. Yet, some dancers wish to share their dance.
Belly Dance Radiance offers useful information, exercises, coaching, and, above all, a place for each student to transform her confidence, unique personality, training, and intention into radiant motion. If you are curious about dancing publicly or you already have performances under your belt, this class is a perfect support tool for nurturing your individual artistry. Topics are chosen and exercises created based on participants’ interests and needs. Together ill will illuminate topics such as these:
    • Show Elements. Topics dictated by students’ needs; drum solo, 9/8, Accordian Beledi, Floor work, Finale, Folkloric dances, etc)
    • Musicality; discovering favorite instruments, rhythms, and movements associated with them.
    • Fantastic endings and engaging openings
    •  Invaluable and liberating tools, tips, and techniques for being you.  
    • Homework featuring journaling, choreography, improv, and 2 works-in-progress-showings on designated weeks.
    • Lots of positive feedback and helpful tips from Aurel, one of our area’s most fun, enthusiastic, versatile, down-to-earth performers who loves to share all she has learned and is learning.
    • Why do we dance and how to draw confidence and power from this platform
    • The journey-mentality as a performer; obstacles and joy-blockers and how to overcome them.
    • How to build a full length show for a restaurant, assisted living, stage show, live bands, and more.
In “the old days” a lot of a dancer’s style and confidence was built through performance. As venues have declined the need for space to work on performing has gone up. Belly Dance Radiance is an ongoing, safe, artist-development growth lab. Dancer levels may vary in the class but each dancer’s personality, vision, intention, individual curiosities, and uniqueness will be nurtured as she explores grows and evolves.
A casual and private end-of-session online show will be streamed to the students of Ancient Art Studios only. This experience gives Radiance dancers an opportunity to share and celebrate their journey by showing works in progress.